Critical Reflection

The past 13 weeks has been a fulfilling with new skills and knowledge acquired. The Career and Professional Development II module allowed me to gain a deeper understanding on the importance of communication. Whether verbal or non-verbal, interpersonal communication is extremely vital in our daily lives. Engaging and interactive lessons also allowed me to better understand the various concepts such as the Johari window, the Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument as well as the 7Cs in writing.

With these communication skills, a group of three was formed and developed a project synopsis along with a training video that would display an interpersonal communication issue. My team, consisting of Darren and Shufang decided that “creating a positive non-verbal first impression in the front office context” would be a good topic to venture to with the help of our specialisation in hotels and our past job experiences. Through this project, I noticed that the little details count and are usually the most important. This is because an individual would only take seven seconds to form an impression of another and this impression itself is tough to change. In addition, a first impression could make or break any customer relationship, which is why working on this topic was both enriching and enticing. I personally felt that exploring this topic helped reinforced my understanding on communication problems which is extremely vital especially when it comes to working in the hospitality industry where one must deal with people all the time.

I felt satisfied upon completion of the synopsis and training video and was glad that my classmates as well as Brad enjoyed viewing it. On top of that, the sharing and showcase of the different topics ventured, along with each unique videos shown assisted me in the learning process.

Overall, the module has been engaging and the content it covers for instance, impromptu speeches allowed myself to gain more confidence, know how to be a better listener and to always listen to understand and not just to reply.


One thought on “Critical Reflection”

  1. Dear Eline,

    Thank you for this detailed reflection on the CPDII module in general and the project in specific. I’m glad you found the various tasks and topics to be useful in so many ways. It warms my heart that, in particular, you feel you gained so much from the fine project work you and your teammates did and that the unit on active listening was something you felt helpful. I do hope you can transfer some of the skills and know-how learned or polished in CPDII to your future study and the workplace.

    I also appreciate your various contributions to the class during the term, Eline. You always brought a lightness and upbeat attitude to the activities assigned to you.

    All the best as you continue your learning journey!



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